The advantages of using pepper sprays

Out of the three chemical compounds which are used in self-defense sprays, we are going to be looking at the most effective and the newest in this Defense Express article.

The compound we are talking about is called Oleoresin Capsicum. It isn’t an irritant for the skin like the other two chemical compounds.

It is called pepper spray because it is made out of oils from the hot pepper plant. Oleoresin means a mixture of partly solid substances that are gotten from the sap of certain trees and plants. Capsicum is the Latin word for the hot pepper plant. OC isn’t harmful to a person’s skin and doesn’t damage internal tissues whereas the other two compounds can be harmful and toxic to human tissue.

_78817083_pavasprayThe OC spray has an instant effect when it comes in contact with an assailant’s skin. The temporary blindness will be caused by the dilation of the eyes and it is also accompanied by a burning sensation which further causes the eyes to clamp shut. The instant inflammation of the throat and lungs will make it hard for the assailant to inhale air. He will only get sufficient oxygen to not pass out and may experience vomiting and nausea as well.

Even though these conditions are temporary, they can be quite crushing to the person who is sprayed and will give the victim sufficient time to get away. The effects of this pepper spray take around half an hour to wear off.

The other two compounds don’t have such an immediate stopping effect on people who are high on drugs or have in some sort of psychosis which increases their adrenalin. It will not have any stopping power against animal attacks. But the OC spray will be effective in all such situations.

There are pros and cons of every pepper spray but the most important thing for you to remember here is that when you use the spray correctly, it can end up saving your life. After you buy a pepper spray, try and re-create an attack scenario but don’t actually release the pepper spray. Make yourself familiar with how you can use the spray most effectively and make sure that the nozzle is always pointing away. Try to fake one spray and turn around and run. Even though the spray is going to be effective in stopping an assailant, you should never stay around to see what’s happening. Spray and then run away immediately. And once you have reached a safe distance, call the police for sure. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use the pepper spray but it’s always better to have one and not use it than to need it and not have it.