The benefits of using pepper spray properly

Pepper spray will be quite a valuable weapon for self-defense. It comes in a number of sizes and strengths. Some are even disguised very well like lipsticks or rings. It isn’t too expensive. It’s the best way for you to fend off an attacker while on a date, jogging or dealing with any violent acts. It could be used against animals as well. In this Defense Express article, we will take a detailed look into pepper sprays.

p-22j-pepperspray-sabrep_01These sprays usually contain an active chemical compound called OC or oleoresin capsicum. When it is used on attackers, it inflames their mucous membrane which includes their eyes, nose, lungs and throat. This makes them close their eyes instantly and they make even lose sight temporarily. They may have some breathing problems because the spray is so pungent. The effects of this spray can last for 30-40 minutes and may even last longer if it is stronger. There is no better weapon for self-defense since it allows you to flee quickly once you have incapacitated your attacker. You will not need to worry about causing any permanent damage either. The effects of this spray are temporary.

Once you’ve purchased this spray, it is very important that you practice using it. This way, if you ever have to actually use it, you will be fully prepared. Always aim it away from your arms or face. You should even practice aiming if the need arises. You should know how to be able to aim straight at an attacker’s face. Remember if the time ever comes where you have to use it, you’ll need to aim quickly and then back away so it doesn’t hit you too. If you do get some on yourself, it is going to burn. Water won’t help. You should use sour cream or milk in order to ease this burning sensation. If you get some of it in your eyes, blink multiple times. The effects will go away in a while depending on the amount of the spray you were in contact with.


There are certain states where pepper spray has restrictions but it is legal in most parts of the United States. So before you make any purchases, ensure you check out what is allowed in your state. Owning one isn’t just inexpensive but may just end up saving your life one day. It’s great for women, elderly men and families too. It is easy to conceal and use. If you don’t already own one, go out and get one right away.


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