Self Defense By using a Pepper Spray


Certain situations or locations pose a threat to a woman’s safety and security. If you are on it’s own under such circumstances and still have no immediate help currently happening, then self defense products like a pepper spray may save your valuable life.

So, what are usually pepper sprays? A substance called oleoresin capsicum will be extracted from chilli peppers and is also injected into a canister of pepper spray. The oleoresin capsicum could be the chemical that adds the particular ‘hot’ flavour to chilli peppers. When this chemical is dispersed available as aerosol droplets on this eyes and face on the attacker, it causes intense pain and suffering towards attacker for short term which allows you enough time to escape from the hands on the attacker. The pepper spray causes tears from the eyes and eyes appear bloodshot on account of swelling of the vision capillaries. The…

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